Level 2 Astrology Course

Level 2 Astrology Course:

Again with reference to the two focus charts: yours and mine, the Level 2 Course Modules are as follows:
Advanced Chart Shapes analysis, Models of consciousness in the birth chart, Ego planets and transpersonal planets, Levels of Spiritual Awareness in interpreting the planets in our charts, Models of individuation, self-development and comparisons with Vedic phenomenology of Maha Maya and self-realisation. We study chart axes and polarity of axes,  the Nodes of the Moon and the ‘Shadow Function’ and past lives as well as ‘missed steps’ in evolutionary astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and Past life Astrology.

Advanced Chiron Astrology is a major study
Predictive Astrology: Transits, Progressions. Evaluation of Age Point Progression and Nodal Age Point. Age Point through houses, signs and aspects. Age Points modalities, elements and crosses. Midpoints and ‘Transits to midpoints’
Advanced study of Nature v Nurture
Strength of planets in houses and signs, Dynamic Calculations: Modalities and elements in Nature v. Nurture.
The family model in the birth chart: The planets as family role figures. Also Generational Astrology if you wish (often a key element in your understanding your destiny)
Astrological Counselling and practice.
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For more details please see: http://www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com/level-1-course-details.html